A New Modest Proposal


Now that Donald Trump is our new president, recently he has been signing executive orders that affect the lives of  many minorities in the United States. He recently is on the verge of repealing Obamacare. Not only would that kill 36,000 people a year but it will leave almost 22 million Americans to be uninsured. So Mr.Trump here’s an idea, how about for your next executive order you and congress pass a law which requires the U.S to have  their own Hunger Games! Just think about it? Each state giving out 2 tributes (1 male and 1 female ages 12-18) and battling it out to the death on live TV. Think about how much money the country will be saving and how many viewers you’ll be obtaining if you air it on NBC. You will no longer be known as Donald Trump the reality TV star who somehow happened to become president of the United States, you’ll be known as Donald Trump the first president to kill children on live TV.

Little Stewart has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia and due to not  having health care his family can’t afford to pay for the treatment. Oh well, write his name up for the reaping because if he’s going to die might as well make him die in an entertaining way. Pretty much, this is how it should go, only those who can’t afford their medical bills will be put in for the reaping and 1 male and 1 female will randomly be chosen and represent their State. We also might as well use one of Trump’s Golf courses and turn it into an Arena. If you win, you won’t be given any special privileges but hey at least you’ll still be alive. We can even have 3 Doors Down perform at the tribute ceremony and make them wear outfits from Ivanka’s clothing line!

Once the Affordable Care Act is repealed our president doesn’t need to care about how health care protects you from high and unexpected medical cost or how you can get free vaccines or medical screenings. When we have our first Hunger Games we won’t have to worry about those who are dying because these Games will slowly be helping the U.S with it’s cleansing. Let’s not be like the U.K, Japan, Canada or the other 31 countries who provide universal healthcare for their citizens. We’re America for crying out loud! We live for entertainment. Who wouldn’t want to see children trying to kill each other? Just make sure you don’t have that one tribute who all of sudden want’s to start a Revolution. My guess it’ll be someone from California since they don’t think highly of Trump. Hey might as well ask Betsy Devos our secretary of education to make training classes mandatory in public schools. With the training classes students can practice how  fight because if you want to win you have to be trained physically. We can teach students how to throw knives and even teach them some archery. The Hunger Games will unite the country as a whole.


These games will be great for the economy and hey if you want to really get rid of the sick, I recommend even having an annual Purge but if you want to play it safe stick with The Hunger Games. The lower and middle class are a disgrace to the economy they’re all about diversity and equality, who want’s that in a country right? So by appealing health care you can say bye to Planned Parenthood. It’ll stop abortions which is great because Republicans are pro life! Plus it makes it even greater because now we’ll have even more kids for the reaping.

Each four years, there will be a special Hunger Games which would be greater than the Superbowl. Maybe instead of 100 people a year, we double it to 200 and mix it up as well and get 100 adults and 100 kids because children won’t be the only ones dying to no healthcare to cover them. We air the special internationally because I know Russia would like to see, and heck, maybe we should ask them if we they can send us some tributes as well.

Finally, by repealing health care without a new plan will be an abomination. We need to think about the families it would be affecting. Not everyone in this country can afford to pay a 20,000 bill for a surgery especially with the minimum wage we have right now which Trumps cabinet also doesn’t want to change because for some reason they think poor people don’t exist . Many citizens will be in debt for the rest of their lives. Obamacare let’s young adults stay in their family healthcare care plan until they are the age of 26 years old . They’ll be covered for a while until they can finally start their own healthcare plan. Each of us  knows someone who will be affected due to no healthcare heck you yourself might even be affected by this repeal. The U.S needs to start thinking more about it’s citizens. Instead of moving the country forward it’s moving it backward and as our freedom we need to fight back and stop this cabinet from putting personal or religious feelings into government. We are the people! We are one! We must fight! We must Unite! Share your thoughts down below on this new modest proposal.

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